Lake Worth

Lake Worth Beach

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy the beach with your family, you should consider Lake Worth because it is the perfect beach vacation destination.

It offers beautiful views, good fishing, and good weather. If you are looking for the perfect beach for your family, there are a few things to consider. While the beach you are looking for does not have to be private, a beach that is not too crowded is certainly better as kids are not really blessed with lots of patience and a high tolerance for discomfort. Make sure also that the beach you are intending to visit is one appropriate for kids.

Lake Worth Beach SwimwearWhen you have discovered Lake Worth Beach, the next thing to search for is the right accommodation. Do you wish to stay on a hotel or a resort? Perhaps you would wish to rent a cottage instead of a room. Think about how much budget you have for your accommodation as well.

After you have determined where to live in the City of Lake Worth, the last thing to do is scout the area and try finding out what types of activities and events can you expect to engage in and which will provide lots of fun not only for you and your partner but your kids as well.

In addition, make sure that you bring clothes that are appropriate for the weather at Lake Worth Beach.

Pack as lightly as you can but do not skimp on necessities. Bring floating devices with you to reduce the chances of harm befalling on any of your kids. Skincare products are also important especially if you intend to hit the beach in the heat of summer. Make sure that you bring shades and lots of sun block.

Make sure you do not make any concrete plans until you have successfully obtained a vacation leave or anything similar to it from your boss. Ask favors from neighbors or friends to keep an eye on your mail and your house. This will take your mind off troubles at home and allow you to have more fun with your family.

Also, do not allow your kids to hit the road with an empty stomach as this will only make them more irritable than usual. Make pit stops frequently to allow your kids to stretch their legs and visit the rest room regularly. Entertain your kids with toys, activities, games, and stories during the ride to keep them from noticing the amount of time they’re spending cooped inside a vehicle.

When you get to Lake Worth Beach, have your kids freshen up and rest a bit before hitting the beach.

Welcome to Lake Worth FLMake sure that your kids are all properly attired and their skins properly protected from harmful UV rays. Warn them continuously about the dangers of swimming too far and without adult supervision. Nevertheless, don’t allow your kids to leave unaccompanied and especially if the weather channel hints about an unfavorable climate.

You can also allow them to have snacks while swimming as this will make their vacations twice as better. To make things more interesting and pleasant for your kids, you can give them basic surfing and diving lessons and accompany them when trying out different water sports and activities.

Swimming at Lake Worth Beach

It is said that one of the best ways to lose weight is swimming for exercise at the Lake Worth Beach. Indeed, swimming pool exercises entails a whole-body workout. It burns a lot of calories because practically muscles from head to toe are used. Most importantly, it builds muscular strength and endurance plus it helps give cardiovascular workout with less strain on the joints.

There a number of swimming tips online that people may want to look into. They are all basically the same and generally point to the same direction, which is giving tips for swimming to lose weight and to have a fun and safe swimming.

To get the most out of swimming at the beach in Lake Worth, the following swimming tips might be helpful:

The first swimming tips would encourage a person to master at least one kind of swimming stroke. The most common strokes used, which should be kept in mind while reading on these swimming tips, are the breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle strokes. The breaststroke involves proper timing of arm pulling, breathing and kicking, which allows the body to surface up and down while gliding forward through the water. The butterfly is more difficult as it involves a dolphin kick, arm pull, and a wormlike torso glide. The backstroke is swimming face-up with backward windmill arm strokes and flutter kicks. The freestyle, a.k.a the crawl, is like the backstroke but done on one’s belly.

The second swimming tips would tell people to wear the proper swimming attire. For women, there are one-piece or two-piece bathing suits that allow them to remain chic in and out of water. Alternately, for men, there are available swimming trunks and shorts. Wearing proper swimming suits is advised as they are lighter and more resilient, which allows more body movement.

The third swimming tip at the Lake Worth Beach would remind a person not to forget to wear goggles.

These would protect the eyes from the chlorinated pool water or from the salty sea water. The goggles would also allow the swimmer to see under water. Fortunately, there are now prescription swim goggles that are available for those who have poor eye sight. Lastly for this swimming tips, in order for them to serve their purpose, swimming goggles should be the right fit so that water would not seep in and in order for them to stay in place at all times.

The fourth swimming tip would direct that swimming caps or hair ties are to be worn. This is a directive especially for people with long bangs or hair. They keep the hair off the face; they protect the hair from the harmful effects of the sun and the water; and the caps are said to lessen the swimmer’s resistance under water. Caps are usually made of neoprene, silicone, spandex and latex. The Lake Worth Beach has some shops where you can buy these.

The fifth swimming tip would tell a swimmer to bring flotation devices and other swimming for exercise equipment, such as vests, kickboards, pull buoys, fins, hand paddles, gloves, water dumbbells and weights, noodle, aqua jogger, water treadmill to the beach. These are for the swimmer’s safety and to help him practice his strokes as well.

The last swimming tips for beginners at the beach, would tell a swimmer to rest when tired, to continuously practice his breathing, to wear sun block creams and lotions, to swim with a companion and to always look out for the water depth when swimming.

Enjoy Surfing at Lake Worth Beach!

Surfing at the Lake Worth Beach can be a great alternative to your boring old gym work out. It’s fun once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll have a great time catching waves. You’re also a lot more likely to stick to it than a gym regimen.

Once you’ve decided you want to learn how to surf, your next question is probably: how do I start? Well, first you’ll need a surfboard that’s just right for you. You’ll need to take in to account your height and personal taste in what feels good for you. A basic rule of thumb is a six-foot surfboard for a kid or young teen and a seven- to nine-foot surfboard for an adult. This can vary so make sure you’re comfortable standing on the surfboard.

Once you have your board, place it on the beach sand and lay down on it. Try to quickly get up on your two feet. Make sure your feet are in the middle of the board and your body is facing sideways. Do this a few times until you feel like you’re comfortable and ready to try it in the water.

Now you’re ready to venture into open waters (emphasis on “open”) of the Lake Worth Beach. Make sure there aren’t too many people around. Random swimmers and surfers can throw off your balance when you’re first learning how to surf. Also make sure the lifeguard on duty isn’t too far away, you know, just in case.

Next, you’re going to try that move you just perfected on the beach sand. Lay down on your board and watch the waves. When one comes that you feel like you’re ready to attempt to catch, point your board head on toward the wave. Paddle with your hands along the side of the board so that you come up to the wave. When the wave is under your board, stand up and plant your feet flat on the middle of the surfboard.

Don’t get discouraged if you fall off your surfboard.

This is common and easy to do. Remember that landing in the center is crucial. You should get the hang of it after a few tries. Once you do, you can challenge yourself and start to venture a little farther out on the water near the beach in Lake Worth.

These are just some simple steps to get you to start surfing. Remember it’s supposed to be fun! Not to mention, a great workout as well. Surf to your health!

There is an endless variety of surf boards and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. So how do you know which one is right for you? If you’re new to surfing, there are certain things you need to keep in mind when choosing a surfboard.

For one, you need to determine your skill level and what kind of waves you want to surf.

Are you brand-spanking new to the sport or do you know the basics? Will you be attempting to surf waves at beaches for the pros or will you be visiting the surf spots that have waves for beginners and experienced surfers? These are all important questions to ask yourself before you go surfboard hunting at Lake Worth Beach.

Once you have these things figured out, it’s time to start shopping for your surfboard. Styles of surfboards you’ll come across a range of surfboards, some of which that you have never even heard of! Longboards and shortboards are just the beginning. Then there also are the shapes–like single fins and pigs.

If you’re a beginner surfer, the longboard will probably be best for you. You might want to consider getting a SoftTop longboard, which is thicker, wider and made from a soft, almost foamy-like, material so that you’re less likely to bruise when you catch waves at the Lake Worth Beach.

There also are funboards, which are good for experienced surfers who are looking to graduate to a shortboard. Funboards are surfboards that are kind of like a blend of a longboard and shortboard.

You’re sure to come across the retro fish surfboards at some of the shops near the beach in Lake Worth.

These are similar to a shortboard except that they are wider, thicker and flatter. Why is this good? Well, if you’re looking to catch some soft waves on a beach that has a flatter surf, then this would be your board.

Finally, there is the shortboard (also called a thruster surfboard). This type of surfboard is what most commonly comes to mind when people think of surfboards. It has three fins in the back, and is much thinner and narrower than the previously mentioned surfboards. These boards are made for speed and power. You may want to be able to confidently catch a few waves at the Lake Worth Beach before you use one of these.

Even after knowing all this, there are TONS of brands, styles and colors for surfboards. Remember when you go to buy your surf board, be honest with the sale person about your surf level. Also let them know where you plan to frequently surf so they know what to recommend to you.

Don’t forget that you can always snag a secondhand or vintage surfboard from a store in Lake Worth near the beach to save some cash!

Fun in the Lake Worth Beach Sun

It’s nice to feel the suns rays on your skin at the Lake Worth Beach, especially when you are experiencing cooler climates, but protecting your skin from the sun is definitely vital to your health. Excess and prolonged exposure to the sun will result in age spots, wrinkles, freckles, easy bruising, skin tearing, premature skin aging, skin discoloration and skin cancer. Though summer in Lake Worth will definitely bring harsher sun rays, persons that spend great amounts of time outdoors during the winter and fall should also take care.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are an invisible form of radiation which reaches us as long wavelengths known as UVA and short wavelengths known as UVB, they penetrate your skin and damage the skin cells. Sunburns caused from UVB are a definite sign of skin damage. Suntans at the Lake Worth Beach are also harmful to the skin as they appear after the sun’s rays have killed and damaged skin cells. UV rays can cause skin damage during any season or at any temperature.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Of the three common types of skin cancers melanoma which occurs when cancer forms in the melanocytes (skin cells that make pigment) is the most dangerous; younger persons are more predisposed to melanoma.

Persons more susceptible to sun exposure are those with pale skin, blonde, red or light brown hair, and people who are treated for skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer. Persons that are on medications such as antibiotics and heart medicine will be more sensitive to the Lake Worth Beach sun and should therefore be more diligent in sun protection measures. Regardless of this fact we all need to ensure proper measures are taken to avoid sun exposure.

Protect Yourself against Sun Exposure

Avoid outdoor beach activities and direct sun exposure during the hours between 10 AM and 4 PM, These are peak radiation hours when the sun’s rays are the strongest.

Always wear a broad-spectrum (protection against both UVA and UVB) sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or higher. It is recommended for persons to use sunscreens on a daily basis, even when they are indoors as UV radiation exposure may still occur.

Apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure at the beach and reapply as needed, especially after swimming or heavy perspiration in Lake Worth.

Wear wide-brimmed hats, and clothing that will cover your arms and legs. Dark colored clothing will give more protection but be cautious of heat temperatures to avoid heat-related illnesses.

Wear wraparound sunglasses that block 99 to 100-percent of UVA and UVB radiation.

Apply sunscreen, contact lenses and lip protectors that offer UV protection.

Now, go have fun and enjoy Lake Worth Beach!